andres franco-tux

"Mr. Franco displayed striking eloquence; one hopes to hear more from him soon" 

                  Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

“An inspiring presence on the podium"

              Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, Theater Jones

"He’s a gifted conductor with sweep and imagination and communicative abilities"                         Paul Horsley, Kansas City Star

"[A conductor] with a defined personality and authority to establish his musical criteria. The greatness of his conducting lies in his ability to unify the work without sacrificing its intensity, with a clear concept of dynamics and colors"                                  Rafael Vega, El Colombiano

“The performance and format were a delight, and the audience was supportive and appreciative"      Mark Samples, Oregon Register Guard

"The orchestra under Andrés Franco's direction gave a powerful, major performance                                               Olin Chism, Star-Telegram

"With his high level of musicianship, creative programming and ingratiating manner, Franco breathed new life into the Philharmonia"

   Patrick Neas, Kansas City Star

"The orchestra was noticeably at ease under the energetic baton of Andrés Franco, artistic director of Concerts in the Garden"

                                                                    Edward Brown, FW Weekly

"Franco, the FWSO's associate conductor, had significant exposure during the festival, with impressive results in each case" 

Olin Chism, Star Telegram