Past Events


September 9-10 Signature Symphony: Symphony of Tango

September 24 Signature Symphony: Pictures at an Exhibition

October 1 Oklahoma City Philharmonic: Der Rosenkavalier

October 21-22 Signature Symphony: Big Band Broadway 

November 12 Signature Symphony: Dvořák New World Symphony

December 9-10 Signature Symphony: Christmas in Tulsa

January 21 Signature Symphony: Copland Rodeo

January 25 Pittsburgh Symphony: Tiny Tots

January 26-27 Pittsburgh Symphony: Schooltime Concerts

January 26 Pittsburgh Symphony: Allegheny Valley School

January 28 Pittsburgh Symphony: Super Diamond

February 17 Boise Philharmonic: Pictures at an Exhibition

February 18 Boise Philharmonic: Pictures at an Exhibition

February 24-25 Signature Symphony: Night at the Oscars

March 11 Signature Symphony: Mozart Requiem

March 23 Pittsburgh Symphony: Wilkinsburg 

April 7-8 Signature Symphony: Signature Celtic

April 22 Signature Symphony: Mahler Symphony No. 1


September 11-12 Signature Symphony: Jaimee Paul

October 3 Signature Symphony: 1812 and Pines of Rome

October 23-24 Signature Symphony: Jerry Herman

November 1-2 Chicago Sinfonietta: Día de los Muertos

November 14 Signature Symphony: The Ioudenitch Family

November 18-20 Pittsburgh Symphony: Education

November 18 Pittsburgh Symphony: Grove City

November 20 Pittsburgh Symphony: Light Up 

November 28-29 Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

December 12-13 Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra

December 18-19 Signature Symphony: Christmas in Tulsa

January 23 Signature Symphony: Ellis Island 

February 5-6 Signature Symphony: Chris Mann

February 27 Signature Symphony: Victoria Luperi

March 11-12 Signature Symphony: Blockbuster Broadway

March 19 Saginaw Bay Symphony: From Central Europe

April 9 Pittsburgh Symphony: The Ultimate Oscars

April 16 Signature Symphony: Porgy and Bess

April 27 Pittsburgh Symphony: EQT Student Side-by-Side

May 17-June 5 Pittsburgh Symphony: European Tour (Assistant Conductor)

June 12 OK Mozart International Music Festival

June 22 Pittsburgh Symphony: Allegheny Valley School

July 1 Pittsburgh Symphony: An American Celebration

July 2 Pittsburgh Symphony: South Park

July 3 Pittsburgh Symphony: Hartwood Acres

July 6 Grant Park Music Festival

July 16 Pittsburgh Symphony: Harry Potter

July 23 Pittsburgh Symphony: Classical Mixer 


August 24 Houston Symphony 

August 28 Houston Symphony

September 5-7 FWSO Pops Series: The Music of John Williams

September 27 FWSO Pops Special: Sarah Evans

October 19 Fort Worth Youth Philharmonic 

October 25 Signature Symphony Classics Series

November 14-16 FWSO Symphonic Series

November 28-30 FWSO Home for the Holidays

December 4 FWSO Pops Special: The Von Trapp Family

December 13-14 Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra

February 6-7 Signature Symphony Pops Series

February 14 St. Louis Symphony Live at Powell Hall

March 7 Fort Worth Youth Philharmonic 

May 15-16 Columbus Symphony

May 17 Fort Worth Youth Philharmonic 

June 6 Concerts in the Garden 25th Season

June 7 Concerts in the Garden 25th Season

June 26 Concerts in the Garden 25th Season

July 2 Concerts in the Garden 25th Season

July 3 Concerts in the Garden 25th Season

July 4 Concerts in the Garden 25th Season

July 5 Concerts in the Garden 25th Season