Upcoming Events


December 14-15 Signature Symphony: Cherish the Ladies


January 19 Pittsburgh Symphony: Lift Every Voice 

January 26 Signature Symphony: Bach and Sons, Inc.

January 30-31 Pittsburgh Symphony: Schooltime Ellis Island

February 22 Wheeling Symphony: Music of the Knights 

February 27 Pittsburgh Symphony: Allegheny Valley School

March 1 Pittsburgh Symphony: Schooltime Pre-K

March 16  Signature Symphony: Amy Beach and Tchaikovsky

March 29-31 Pittsburgh Symphony: Disney in Concert

April 5-6 Signature Symphony: Bernstein/Robbins Centennial

April 20 Signature Symphony: Mahler Resurrection 

May 19 Pittsburgh Symphony: Lincoln Center (Assistant Conductor) 

June 14-16 Detroit Symphony: Wonderful Music of Oz