Upcoming Events


September 6-7 Signature Symphony: The Wonderful Music of Oz 

September 28 Signature Symphony: Tchaikovsky 5

October 1 Pittsburgh Symphony: RAD Concert

October 25-November 8 Pittsburgh Symphony: European Tour           (Assistant Conductor)  

November 23 Pittsburgh Symphony: Fiddlesticks

November 26 Pittsburgh Symphony: Schooltime Concerts

December 13-14 Signature Symphony: Christmas in Tulsa 


January 25 Signature Symphony: Shostakovich 5

January 30-31 Pittsburgh Symphony: Ellis Island

February 1 Pittsburgh Symphony: Fiddlesticks

February 14 Signature Symphony: Queens of Rock and Soul

February 27 Pittsburgh Symphony: Indiana Jones

March 14 Signature Symphony: Beethoven 5

March 18 Pittsburgh Symphony: Side by Side Concert

April 3-4 Signature Symphony: Tulsa Sings III

April 25 Signature Symphony: Mahler Das Lied von der Erde

May 22-24 Fort Worth Symphony: Kenny G

June 22-July 12: Pittsburgh Symphony Summer Season